Graphic designer based in Dublin and born (1997) in Malaysia. She mainly focuses on editorial and prints design, visual identity, experiential work in the art direction

Net Art “Bandwidth”

"Explore the theme of Bandwidth in Digital Culture through net art." The net art pieces called “Irresistible” which reflects the addiction and continuous scrolling action of digital technology. The visual scenes of this net art piece is attempting to interpret the purpose and characteristic of scrolling which based on curiosity, obsession, satisfaction as well as infinite. 

First scene reflects curiosity of people when come across their unknown things and they are curious to explore. And the scene changes and it is called infinite virtual space which the scrolling objects keeps moving. The virtual space comes with changing color background and some text. Through the observation of the user’s scrolling action on the touch screen, it comes out the axis of X & Y which is the main direction of scrolling. Applying the concept XY direction, the graphics and text are moving in XY axis and it symbolics a slot machine of the internet with fast incoming huge information. Anyway, the gif moving speed and the direction demonstrates the people can’t quit mindless scrolling in every moment. The looping and moving elements is also symbolise the scrolling is a continuous action.

Size: 800 x 800 px
Format: GIF