Bricolage Poster Series
Posters are exhibited on ZINE DESIGN SHOW

︎The variety of elements or objects that found or inspired our environment. It is miscellaneous when gather together form during the progression.

︎The design must have a medium to spread and execute. The new medium is mass and sometimes it loses the authenticity, originality, and multiplicity to perceive the message. Cyborg seems to imply the multiple identities of us to perceive the styles, guides, and technologies. How to find theown way to make the authentic design in order to convey real message is a challenge in the postmodernism world.

︎ Lorem Ipsum is a placeholder text for use in graphic. It is kind of a typical structure that construct and formulate our framework.

Sinhui Teh 郑欣慧 is a Dublin based Graphic Designer from Malaysia. She mainly focuses on editorial and prints design, experiential work in the art direction. Her current personal practice is mostly exploring the narrative-based design and articulating the ideas that influences her, through the self-publications and initiated projects.