SINHUI TEH 郑欣慧      



A Dublin based Graphic Designer.  She graduated Dundalk Institute Of Technology in 2020 as BA (Hons) Media Arts and Technologies. She mainly focuses on editorial and prints design, visual identity, experiential work in the art direction.

She is  seeking a interdisciplinary design area with an artistic approach. Her current personal practice is mostly exploring the narrative-based design and articulating the ideas that influences her, through the self-publications and initiated projects.

+353 838638423

︎ 01 /  Earth 2020 (Poster)Poster Series for Earth day. The start of new decade 2020 has been happening unfortunate things. Let’s make poster for spring!

︎ 02 / Virtual Reality 2020 (Editorial)An official research framework and document for “Mirror Mirror” degree project which depict the reality or behind the scenes of post published on social media media app Instagram via  AR technology. The document text edited by Sara Kingolo, Sinhui Teh, Inki Wong, Karolina Klemens. Photo and Designed by Sinhui Teh
︎03 / Unconscious GDFS Live Project 2019 (Posters)Unconscious” is a live project from It’s Nice That in Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2019. “Where is Home”-We are required to create something inspired by what we identify as home within two days. Where is home? “Unconscious” is a series of posters and flyers of documenting the locals unaware of their living circumstance and it reflects the on-going urbanization process in Johor Bahru Malaysia. The works are designed in a bold and brutalist style to catch the audience’s eyes and interests.

︎04 / Zine Unconscious 2019 (Editorial) Unconscious work is my interest and focus. The work records the unconscious movement of the object, space, and people in the daily. I observe the habits of people unaware of their living circumstance and it reflects the on-going urbanization process in Johor Bahru Malaysia. It has three part in this prints that describes the interaction between Johorean and the environment in an unconscious way. From listing the usual waste object scenes to the amusing contrast which shows the sarcastic manner in a critical observation. This is an environmental aesthetic concern and I hope to raise the awareness of urban aesthetic to the community Johor Bahru Malaysia.

︎05 / Zine Design Show 2019 (Poster, Motion, Identity) Zine Design Show launched on 10-11.08.2019 Johor Bahru Malaysia. It aims to promote independent art publishing through printed material and promote knowledge development and accumulation in art design.  “We hope to disseminate the artists’ collectives that practice different forms of cultural and social in Johor Bahru.”

︎06 / Mass Medium 2019 (Poster) The poster of “ Mass Medium” is designed for Zine Design Show 2019 display in Johor Bahru Malaysia. Based on postmodernism, the medium is mass and sometimes it loses the authenticity, originality, and multiplicity to perceive the message. Cyborg seems to imply the multiple identities of us to perceive the styles, guides, and technologies

︎07 / Ugly Berlin 2019 (Editorial) Exploring the ‘UGLY ’by randomization in six actions to experience the new ugliness aesthetics in the city of Berlin. Self-publication based on the trip to Berlin.
︎08 / Red Matters 2019 (Editorial) Red Matters Prints is for college editorial project.
Featuring a consistent experimental “catalog” style on sublime issue with exploring the red matters in art direction from personal approaches.  Each object has a 3D models via the augment app in combination with the print only.

︎09 Paris Zine 2019 (Editorial) A zine based on a short journey that I’ve been to Paris (Dec 2018)