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(Selected) Projects

︎01 Mirror Mirror  2020 (Identity, Editorial)︎02 Unconscious GDFS Live Project 2019 (Posters)︎03 Zine Unconscious 2019 (Editorial)︎04
Zine Design Show 2019 (Poster, Motion,Identity) ︎05 Mass Medium 2019 (Poster) ︎06 Ugly Berlin 2019 (Editorial) ︎07  Red Matters 2019 (Editorial) ︎08 Paris Zine 2019 (Editorial) ︎09 Miscellaneous 2018-19  (Other Design Archive)

Sinhui Teh 郑欣慧 is a Dublin based Graphic Designer from Malaysia. She mainly focuses on editorial and prints design, experiential work in the art direction. Her current personal practice is mostly exploring the narrative-based design and articulating the ideas that influences her, through the self-publications and initiated projects.