Sinhui Teh 郑欣慧 is a Kuala Lumpur based Graphic Designer. Working primarily in the cultural field on publishing, printed matters, and visual identity projects. Her current design practice is mostly dealing with modern typography and layout by researching Swiss Design. She has a huge passion for the independent publishing industry by making zines and promoting various prints to her community.

Meanwhile, she has been exploring her interested typological subject matter: independent prints, space, object, image, sound, contemporary art and exhibition. The process of researching the idea of typological subject matter extends her world to develop her visual language as well as by transferring her own visual language to the project.  She is always finding different possibilities and collaborations for the new project.

Dundalk Institute Of Technology (Ireland), 2020
BA (Hons) in Creative Media
BA  Media Arts and Technologies

2020 BranD Magazine Issue 50
2020 Inspo Find Collection II.
2019-2020  Stunning Book Design
2019  Font In Use
2018-2019 Behance Graphic & Editorial Design

Work Scope
Editorial Design,
Visual Identity,
Web Design,
Art Direction.

+60 187850807
Instagram  @thetehs
Behance / Sin Hui Teh

*CV/PORTFOLIO  available on request.          *CV/PORTFOLIO  available on request.         *CV/PORTFOLIO  available on request.          *CV/PORTFOLIO  available on request.                  *CV/PORTFOLIO  available on request.          *CV/PORTFOLIO  available on request.