Self-Initiated Project

Year: 2021

Person Under Surveillance

Person Under Surveillance(PUS)  is a creative design service project for those under mandatory 14-days quarantine. PUS only needs to submit the information form and the interesting idea via the site ( The poster service will be run in May only. This is also a chance of self-motivated creativity in lights of quarantine. *The spontaneous project concept inspired by my past boring quarantine and I have received an apple every day during quarantine. It seems Apple is a quarantine symbolism of healthy.

“受监察的人(PUS) ” 是为接受强制隔离14天的人士而设的创意设计服务项目。 PUS只需通过网站(提交填写资料表和idea即可。 客制化的海报设计服务只会在五月进行。 这也是鼓励在隔离中人自我激发创意的机会。此项目来自于个人的隔离中获得灵感。在隔离期间我每天都会收到一个苹果,苹果也看是一种健康的象征。