Editorial Design  
210 x 297 mm / 32 pages

Year: 2020



“SPACE” is a self-initiated project attempts to illustrate the idea of distance solution of public space through graphic elements. Three spaces Gallery-Musée de l’Orangerie, Mies Van Der Rohe Haus and Cafeteria/Restaurant are selected for this distance solution project as each space offers different functions for the public. And it is also personal experience and observation. This is an opportunity to observe a different perspective on public space and social behaviour in 2020.

Concept: Decentralized (Social) Action x Centralized Solution

「空间」是一个自我发起的项目,旨在透过图形元素,阐明公共空间距离的概念。因为每个空间为大众提供不同的使用互动功能性,所以特别选了三个空间:展览厅-橘园美术馆, Mies Van Der Rohe Haus 和餐厅 。 这三个空间是个人到过并所观察地方。 这也是一次用特别不同视角的机会去重新审视2020年公共空间和安全社会行为距离。