Graphic designer based in Dublin and born (1997) in Malaysia. She mainly focuses on editorial and prints design, visual identity, experiential work in the art direction

Zine “Unconscious ”

Unconscious is Sinhui Teh’s interest and focus. The work records the unconscious movement of the object, space, and people in the daily. She observed the habits of people unaware of their living circumstance and it reflects the on-going urbanization process in Johor Bahru Malaysia.  This is an environmental aesthetic concern and she hopes to raise the awareness of urban aesthetic to the Johor public community.

It has three part in this zine that describes the interaction between Johorean and the environment in an unconscious way. From listing the usual waste object scenes, to the amusing contrast which shows the sarcastic manner in a critical observation.

Size: 6.5in x 9.5in, 80pages
Language: English & Mandarin
ISBN: 978-1-5272-5340-7

This prints dedicated to my city, community, and home (Johor Bahru Malaysia).