Posters & Flyers
Size: A3/A5/Letter

Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2019 “Where is home”

“Where is home” is a live project from It’s Nice That in GDFS 2019. We are required to create something inspired by what we identify as home within two day. “When thinking about home, I feel responsible to my community when I go back home every year summer. I always want to makes a little contribution back to my community. The only thing that I can do for my community is design.”  Where is home? - “I have responsible to make my community better via design.”

In this “where is home” project,  I want to emphasis the idea of “Design is making a communication to community and individual.” I decided to use my previous work topic: “Unconscious” (on the environment) to make an exhibition project with flyers and posters. The prints are designed in a bold minimal style to catch the audience’s eyes and interests.  Besides, I hope the location of the exhibition “Unconsious” project could take place in the historical and cultural hub of Bandar Johor Bahru area. This area is the place where the sarcastic photo scenes I took. Imaging people are walking on the street and seeing the contrast yet sarcastic messsage from the prints. The photos and message of prints is a daily reflection of them. And this is an actual way of how the design is making communication to community.

Sinhui Teh 郑欣慧 is a Dublin based Graphic Designer from Malaysia. She mainly focuses on editorial and prints design, experiential work in the art direction. Her current personal practice is mostly exploring the narrative-based design and articulating the ideas that influences her, through the self-publications and initiated projects.