Various Objects
(Editorial Design /   19.5 x 27cm / 64 pages.)

Self-Publication “Various Objects” attempts to review the design ethos of objects that have been influenced by modernism. From the objects overview to a series of discussions, it concludes each characteristic of the modern influence. It is also a manifestation of passion for objects with a distinct design ethos.

(Poster / A3)

A curated series of forward-looking house and techno music set. Happy New Year !  Typeface: BL Artic / Syndicat Grotesk

Chair Times
(Poster / A3)

Documentary Chair Times, a film by Heinz Butler. Typo poster practice during my 14 days quarantine. An inspiration after researching the typo layout with Typographische Monatsblätter (TM) .

Space Zine
(Editorial Design  / 210 x 297 mm / 32 pages)

“SPACE” is a self-initiated project attempts to illustrate the idea of distance solution of public space through graphic elements. Three spaces Gallery-Musée de l’Orangerie, Residence-Mies Van Der Rohe Haus and Cafeteria/Restaurant are selected for this distance solution project as each space offers different functions for the public. 

Fragments of the Past
(Editorial Design / 11x17cm / 60 pages )

A zine archive to document what I’ve seen in city of Paris and Barcelona.

(Poster / A3)

Posters Series archive. Inspiration from band Hyukoh and Wolfgang Tillmans : “An awareness that the most powerful abstractions – life, death, love, fear, despair and happiness – are the most real of all, and can only be found within our own everyday.”

(Editorial Design / 6.5 x 9.5 in / 80 pages)

Unconscious is Sinhui Teh’s interest and focus. She observed the habits of people unaware of their living circumstance and it reflects the on-going urbanization process in Johor Bahru Malaysia. This is an environmental aesthetic concern and she hopes to raise the awareness of urban aesthetic to the community Johor Bahru Malaysia.

Paris Zine
(Editorial Design / 150 x 210 mm / 68 pages)

A zine based on a short journey that recently I’ve been to Paris.

    (C) 2021 Sinhui Teh. All Right Reserved.      You can view other earlier projects on Behance.               (C) 2021 Sinhui Teh. All Right Reserved.       You can view other earlier projects on Behance.                (C) 2021 Sinhui Teh. All Right Reserved.       You can view other earlier projects on Behance.